FLC plays a powerful and effective federating role in the Lebanese audiovisual industry, by supporting the development of a competitive Lebanese film industry and establishing Lebanon as a prominent international production location.

Atelier de coproduction franco-libanais


1.We Support the development of the film industry in Lebanon by:
– Organizing annual workshops for filmmakers and specialized seminars
– Stimulating the development of Lebanese funds to support and finance local films.

2. We Facilitate local film production by:
– Launching a database of the Lebanese audiovisual professionals in Lebanon and abroad.
– Assembling and disseminating the right information and assisting in the administrative procedures with the appropriate public bodies.

3. We Promote Lebanon as a key destination for international film production by:
– Hosting, organizing and participating in regional and international festivals and events.
– Crafting and creating bridges between local and international professionals.
– Participating in the public debates that contribute to the policy making process offering financial incentives for film makers.

4. We Preserve the Lebanese audiovisual heritage by:
– Restoring and digitalizing old feature films and the archives of old public productions.
– Making such archives available for research and film making

Cannes Film Festival 2017

17-28 May 2017

Since 2005, the Lebanese Office of Tourism in France in collaboration with Fondation Liban Cinema and IDAL, Investment Development Authority in Lebanon, assure the presence of the national pavilion at the Film Market, Pantiero International Village to promote the Lebanese cinema production.

This year, the Lebanese cinema industry was omnipresent during the festival with two very important projects

The screening of Ila Ayn by Georges Nasr, the first Lebanese film that was selected in Cannes Classics after its first screening in Cannes back in 1957. The film was screened in its restored version and in the presence of Georges Nasser with the collaboration of Abbout Productions.

A press conference with Georges Nasser, Maya de Freige and Myriam Sassine was held at the Lebanese pavilion after the screening in the presence of international journalists and reporters who were interested in covering this event

The official screening of the “Lebanon Factory” project at the fortnight section, “La Quinzaine des Realisateurs” at the festival.

4 short Lebanese films directed by 4 young talents, Mounia Akl, Ahmad Ghossein, Shirin Abou Shaqra, Rami Kodeih from Lebanon and Manuel Perrone, Lucie La Chimia, Neto Villalobos and Uma Gunjak from Europe worked together on the films

The screening was a success, the filmmakers were able to meet with lots of international festival programmers, distributors and producers to work on their next feature films

In the presence of 600 invites, a Lebanese party was held to celebrate the Lebanese presence in Cannes and to celebrate the Lebanese cinema

Throughout the festival, the FLC team held many meetings and the Lebanese pavilion welcomed the international festival programmers, labs and producers interested in the Lebanese Cinema in order to create Lebanese partnerships in the future.

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Film Lebanese Cinema 2017

For the year 2017, FLC decided to produce a short film about the progression and the evolution of the Lebanese Cinema till today.

Directed by Lebanese filmmaker Nadim Tabet and with the support of Pierre Sarraf, this film sheds light on the importance of the cinema industry in Lebanon and announces the upcoming big productions for the year to come,

The Lebanese cinema is doing well, proof is the increasing number of films per year and the unavoidable presence of Lebanese cinematographers year after year in major international festivals

The “coup de pouce” award:

In the framework of the 6th edition of the Re-Writing Workshop, the “Coup de Pouce” prize was given on Wednesday the 26th of April to Nizar Sfair for his project “Occurences”. The prize awarded the person who  needed the most an artist residency to finish writing the script.

The coup de pouce prize of this year is a residency for one month in France, at the Cite des Arts de Paris.

With this award, the FLC ended the two-sessions workshop  in partnership with the French Institute, with the support of the Canadian Embassy and the Mairie de Paris.

We would like to thank our 3 script doctors: Magali Negroni, Marcel Beaulieu and Antoine Waked who accompanied with devotion our 4 script holders: Nizar Sfair, Meedo Taha, Mounia Akl and her co-script writer Clara Roquet.

See you next year in January 2018 for the 7th edition of the Re-writing workshop!