FLC plays a powerful and effective federating role in the Lebanese audiovisual industry, by supporting the development of a competitive Lebanese film industry and establishing Lebanon as a prominent international production location.


1.We Support the development of the film industry in Lebanon by:
– Organizing annual workshops for filmmakers and specialized seminars
– Stimulating the development of Lebanese funds to support and finance local films.

2. We Facilitate local film production by:
– Launching a database of the Lebanese audiovisual professionals in Lebanon and abroad.
– Assembling and disseminating the right information and assisting in the administrative procedures with the appropriate public bodies.

3. We Promote Lebanon as a key destination for international film production by:
– Hosting, organizing and participating in regional and international festivals and events.
– Crafting and creating bridges between local and international professionals.
– Participating in the public debates that contribute to the policy making process offering financial incentives for film makers.

4. We Preserve the Lebanese audiovisual heritage by:
– Restoring and digitalizing old feature films and the archives of old public productions.
– Making such archives available for research and film making

Announcement “Lebanon Factory”

THE FACTORY is a Residency, Workshop and Short Film Concept initiated in 2012 by Dominique Welinski (DW), in partnership with the Director’s Fortnight (La Quinzaine des Réalisateurs – Cannes), targeting young directors from all over the world working on their first or second feature film.

Every year, The Factory allows one country to promote its film industry in the framework of the Director’s Fortnight of the Cannes Film Festival and 8 young directors to show their work, meet partners and to present their upcoming feature film in “the biggest festival of the world”.

Every year, la Factory is organized in a different country.

After Taipei Factory 2013, Nordic Factory 2014, Chile Factory 2015 and South Africa Factory 2016, Fondation Liban Cinema, Abbout Productions, The Directors’ Fortnight and DW, in partnership with IESAV, Ginger Beirut Productions, db studios with the support of Banque du Liban are more than proud to present you Lebanon Factory 2017 which constitutes of 4 short films co-directed by 4 tandems of young directors.
4 young directors from across the world are chosen and invited to co-write and co-direct 4 short movies (of 12 to 15 min) with 4 young Lebanese directors, chosen following the call for participation.

This exceptional event, to welcome the factory in Lebanon for this year’s edition, was announced during Cannes Film Festival 2016, in the presence of Lebanese and international professionals

The World Premiere of the Lebanon Factory will take place during the opening of the Director’s Fortnight of the Cannes Film festival.

The 8 directors will then have the opportunity to pitch their first or second feature film in front of institutions, producers, sales and distributors of the Cannes Film festival Market.

Latest news

Festival de Film Francophone d’Angoulême 2016.

Pour la 9ème Edition du Festival de Film Francophone d’Angoulême qui s’est déroulé du 23 au 28 aout, le Liban était à l’honneur avec un spécial focus et une rétrospective sur la richesse et la diversité du cinéma libanais avec la projection notamment de :

–          Biyya3 el khawatem de youssef chahine

–          Hors la vie de Danielle Arbid

–          Le cerf Voland de Randa Chahhal

–          Caramel de Nadine Labaki

–          Halal Love de Assad Fouladkar

–          Sous les bombes de Philippe Aractingi

–          Tramontane de Vatche Boulghourjian

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