Co-Production Agreement

Following the coproduction agreement between France (represented by the French CNC) and Lebanon (represented by the Ministry of Culture) that was renewed in Beirut on November 3, 2016, and following an MOU that was signed with Fondation Liban Cinema December 28, 2015 acknowledging the role of the FLC as an organization that supports the development of the Lebanese cinema in all its aspects, Fondation Liban Cinema was granted the responsibility to handle the coproduction agreement file.

Link: مذكرة سينما

In order to facilitate the procedures, kindly note the following:

1)   The applicant has to register his project at the Ministry of Culture.

2)   The Ministry of Culture will forward the project to Fondation Liban Cinema

3)   Fondation Liban Cinema will verify the project eligibility to benefit from the coproduction agreement

4)   Once the project is valid, the ministry of culture gives his final approval to the French CNC

NB: to accelerate the process, you’re advised to send a digital copy of your file to Fondation Liban cinema by mail.

To know more about the coproduction agreement: In November 2016, the French and Lebanese governments renewed a Franco-Lebanese cinematographic agreement (decree number 2000-1026 dated November 3, 2016) in an attempt to develop their exchanges in the cinema industry and encourage the co-productions of cinematographic works that are likely to advance the status of the two countries through their artistic and technical qualities.

For more info click on the following links:

To benefit from the coproduction agreement, please click on the following link, fill the form and drop it at the ministry of culture: طلب الموافقة على اعتبار فيلم لبناني مؤهل للاستفادة من اتفاقية التعاون السينمائي المشترك بين لبنان وفرنسا