“The future can only be built on the solid foundation of a shared memory”
(Aimé Césaire)


The purpose of this project is to preserve the national political, cultural, social and sports memory between 1960 and 1980, a time when Télé Liban had monopoly on this audiovisual memory.
The task consists of making an inventory and selecting part of the films of the Lebanese national television’s archives based on priority and degradation status in order to restore them and digitize them, making them accessible for research purposes or to be used in contemporary productions.
A preliminary study in 2003 was undertaken by INA (Institut National des Archives-France) and was confirmed by a less elaborate study conducted by the Swiss cinematheque in 2012. Both studies confirmed the urgency of restoring the archives. The studies are available at FLC and The Ministry of Information.
The general objective is to contribute to the preservation and promotion of the Lebanese television heritage and the memory of the region. This operation will provide researchers and filmmakers with archives, create a potential source of income for Télé Liban, make Lebanon a reference for the preservation of films in the Middle East, raise awareness on the importance of preserving the audiovisual heritage.
91 hours of 16 mm archives were restored and transferred to digital formats in 2008. A short film ‘’Shattered Memories’’ directed by Lara Saba was produced by FLC to create awareness and raise funds.

Our memory is fading in silence, not to preserve this memory, not to use it as an invaluable resource would be a total error. It is on our duty to act fast for saving our national archives.